About us

Wyndeham Group was formed in 1991 and has developed through organic growth and acquisition into one of the UK's leading printing groups.

Our customer base reflects the range and flexibility of our services and includes blue chip, household names and local businesses and organisations based in the UK and Europe.

Wyndeham Group corporate history

1860 Albert Gait Printers established
1901 Grange Press established
1991 Wyndeham Press Group plc is formed and floated on the London Stock Exchange
1992 Grange Press acquired
1993 Albert Gait Printers acquired
1993 ET Heron acquired
1999 CSM Impact acquired
2000 Print Direct acquired
2002 All group companies rebranded with Wyndeham prefix
2002 Riverside Packaging sold to NPD
2004 Graphic Facilities Group acquired
2005 Connect Digital Imaging acquired
2005 Blacketts acquired
2006 Wyndeham Press Group plc is acquired by Dagsbrun and is de-listed from the London Stock Exchange
2006 Wyndeham is split into two divisions - Wyndeham Press Group and Visual Communication Solutions
2006 Icon Reproductions acquired
2007 Wyndeham Pre-Press becomes the umbrella brand for Argent, Graphic Facilities, Kestrel and Icon
2007 Masterpiece moves to a new central London studio
2007 VGC sold to MBO team
2007 Westway and Blacketts' Luton site closed
2007 Dagsbrun sells 64% of its shareholding to Icelandic investors FL Group/Stodir and Landsbanki
2008 FL Group/Stodir collapses
2008 Landsbanki nationalised
2008 Wyndeham Press Group acquired by Walstead Investments
2009 Southernprint acquired by Walstead Investments
2010 Apple Web Offset acquired by Walstead Investments
2011 St Ives plc's Web Division acquired by Walstead Investments
2011 Wyndeham Press Group rebranded as Wyndeham Group
2011 Wyndeham Pre-Press and Masterpiece merge to form Rhapsody
2014 Wyndeham Digital is launched
2015 Walstead acquires the Spanish operations of Be Printers; Rotocobrhi and Eurohueco
2015 Wyndeham Binders is launched on the site of the former Artisan Press
2016 Walstead acquires Austria’s biggest printing group, LEYKAM Let’s Print
2016 Polestar's Bicester operation is acquired and rebranded Wyndeham Bicester 

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